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Become A Test Centre

Please read the information below and complete a clinic registration form if you meet the criteria.

What are the benefits of being a MyCovid test centre?

MyCovid provides a seamless, easy and streamlined process to allow people to book a Covid-19 antibody test.

Medical history and consent forms are completed electronically at the time of booking and sent directly to the email address of the clinic prior to the appointment so the practitioner can review the forms and clarify if any further information is required.

Payment is made via the website so there is no need to handle payments when people attend for a Covid-19 test. Clinics will provide bank account details so that payments can be made directly to their accounts.

Once a test has been performed, the clinic will enter the results into their MyCovid clinical dashboard and these results will then automatically be sent to the person being tested via SMS text message and an email. The information sent to the person will be specific to the result obtained on the test and they will be provided with appropriate links to NHS and Government sites for further information. In line with good medical practice, if the person being tested needs any further information or post-test counselling, this is the duty of the clinic performing the test, although the clinical team at MyCovid will facilitate this process as needed.

MyCovid will ensure that all ‘special category data’ will be handled in accordance with GDPR and the Data Protection Act 2018.

The person being tested will also have their own account and password to access their results and view a certificate to confirm date of testing and results. As Covid-19 is a notifiable disease, MyCovid will also be responsible for the appropriate reporting of positive results.

MyCovid test centres will also be provided with all the information required to perform testing, including Clinical Protocols, test kit information and guidance on performing your own risk assessments.

MyCovid test centres will also have access to online ordering of test kits and appropriate PPE. MyCovid Antibody test kits all meet current UK standards and CE Marked and approved for professional use under MHRA CE-IVD regulation. These kits are not suitable for home testing and it is illegal to provide kits for home usage.

Criteria for becoming a MyCovid testing centre:

  1. The designated practitioner must be a Doctor, Dentist, Nurse/Midwife (Part One of the NMC Register) or Pharmacist who holds current registration with their regulatory body.
  2. You must have appropriate insurance in place for providing Covid-19 antibody testing.
  3. You must have appropriate facilities to provide a clinically safe environment for testing according to the guidance provided by MyCovid.
  4. Registration with the Care Quality Commission is not essential but is preferred.
  5. You must adhere to the use of appropriate PPE as specified in the MyCovid guidance and Government advice.
  6. You must have a clinical waste contract in place to provide safe disposal of all consumables, PPE and soiled items.
  7. You must conduct your own risk assessment following the guidance provided by MyCovid.
  8. You must follow the clinical guidelines produced by MyCovid regarding performing Covid-19 antibody tests and reporting.
  9. You must provide test results within an hour using the web-based interface.
  10. You must use the MyCovid booking service for testing.
  11. You must use the Covid-19 test kits provided by us to ensure reliability.
  12. You must not provide contradictory advice or guidance that contravenes MyCovid, NHS, 111, PHE or Government guidelines.

You must agree to the terms and conditions of a MyCovid test centre.

Key Benefits:

  • National booking service for Covid-19 antibody tests
  • Complete control of your appointment scheduling
  • Clinic will have its own MyCovid webpage domain
  • Upload clinic information and photographs
  • All paperwork and payments completed online
  • Results and reporting delivered through MyCovid
  • Clinical protocols, consent and medical history
  • Easy ordering of test kits and required PPE

If you feel that you satisfy the criteria for becoming a MyCovid test centre, please complete the form below and we will contact you with further information.

Become A Test Centre

Name of your company/business.
Please provide the website address for your clinic for the MyCovid website.
This should be the name of the person with clinical responsibility for providing the MyCovid antibody testing service.
Please describe your professional status.
Does the lead practitioner hold a qualification for prescribing?
Please provide your professional registration number with the GMC, GDC, NMC or GPhC.
Address that will be shown on the MyCovid website to people who wish to book a test.
Address used for delivery of MyCovid antibody tests/PPE and for invoicing. If this is the same as the Clinic Address, please just state “As Above”.
Please provide your company registration number.
Please provide your company VAT registration number if applicable.
Please provide the name of the contact for the clinic for correspondence for MyCovid.
Please describe the role of the person receiving correspondence from MyCovid with authority to act on the clinic’s behalf (E.g. Lead Practitioner, Clinic Manager, Data Controller).
Please provide the email address where you would like to receive all correspondence from MyCovid.
Please provide the telephone number for MyCovid to contact you.
Please provide the name of your bank to receive payments from MyCovid.
Please provide the name of the account holder to receive payments from MyCovid.
Please provide your bank account sort code to receive payments from MyCovid.
Please provide your bank account account number to receive payments from MyCovid.

Alternatively, if you would like further information before signing up to be part of the MyCovid service, please Contact Us using the general enquiry form and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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